Information you will require to ship your vehicle to Jamaica

Before you go

There is an age limit of 5 years for motor vehicles and 10 years for heavy duty equipment being shipped into Jamaica. If you are a resident of Jamaica who has been away from the country for a period of time, you can import 2 new or used vehicles (one for personal use, and one for commercial use) during any three year period of time.

What we can ship to Jamaica

At GMC Shipping UK we take all types of vehicles at all shapes and sizes, from the smallest car to a the largest tractor or agricultural machinery, whatever you’re trying to ship over to Jamaica, contacting us is the best way to find out if you can get it there in one piece.

Requirements when shipping a car to Jamaica


Import Tariffs affixed to motor vehicles are linked primarily to the engine’s cc rating and tonnage, in the case of trucks. According to the Trade Board figures, motor cars, including station wagons under 1000cc but attract a duty of 67% of the value of the vehicle, cars exceeding 1000cc but are under 1500cc attract a duty of 83%, for cars above 1500cc rating but under 2000cc attract a duty of 94%, while those above 2000cc but not exceeding 3000cc attract a duty of 121%, and cars exceeding 3000cc (Gasoline) or 3200cc (Diesel) attract 180% duty.

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