Pre-Shipment Inspection Certificate

As of February 1, 2018,
The Trade Board Ltd will no longer be issuing import licenses for any used motor vehicles being imported by individuals or companies without a valid pre-shipment inspection certificate (PSIC).

The PSIC/DDC is intended to transform the Used Motor Vehicle sector by ensuring that vehicles imported for use on the roads of Jamaica are of high quality and standard (its about time!!). It will also provide consumers with accurate detailed information pertaining to essential criteria such as:

A pre-shipment inspection certificate on the vehicle issued can be obtained from out inspection agents.

This certificate must accompany the application for importation of every used motor vehicle originating from the United Kingdom.

Contact details for the company are:

The Barrel and packaging Shop – Gladwins Storage – Pinstone Way – Gerrards Cross – SL9 7BJ
Tel: +44 203 633 4114

You will be required to fill out an application form for your inspection, and pay the required inspection fee

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