Ship Vehicles & Large Items

Shipping Motor Vehicles by Sea Freight

GMC FREIGHT specialise in the loading and worldwide shipment of all types of Motor Vehicles and Commercial Trucks, including Heavy Plant Machinery, Boats and Over Sized Items.

(RORO) Roll On, Roll Off

A cost effective way of shipping Cars, 4x4s, Trucks, Small Vans,

Driven directly into a large open space with other vehicles on one of the ships flat decks this method is charged by the size of the vehicle and is more cost effective, but no pysical items are allowed within the vehicle.

Containerised Shipping

Flat Rack & Open Top Containers

Flat Rack & Open Top Containers are two types of containers which are used to ship cargo that is either too tall or too bulky to fit in a standard container such as large heavy plant or industrial machinery, hgv trucks, buses, coaches, cranes or large akwardly shaped items. Flat Racks typically either have fixed or collapsible ends and cargo is loaded from the top or sides.

A more secure and safer method of shipping Cars, 4x4s, Trucks, Mini Vans, Smal Tractors / Plant Machinery.

GMC Shipping UK Ltd will load and secure your vehicle in a concealed10ft, 20ft, 40ft, Dry Container.

Containerised method of shipping is a much more secure method of shipping your goods where other items you may want to ship can be loaded inside of the container dependant on remaining space. with added peace of mind. and the container is sealed until arrival at its destination,

Providing your vehicle is within the following dimentions, this can be transported inside a High Cube Container:

A – Length – 11.4m MAX
B – Width – 2.24m MAX
C – Height – 2.45m MAX

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